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We have a huge selection of apartments to rent. All our self catering Nerja apartments are available to rent in all the popular areas. Close to the beaches of Burriana, Carabeo, Torrecilla and the Parador area. If you know Nerja well then you can search by location/area or even an individual complex such as Acapulco Playa, Torresol, Capistrano Village to mention but a few - we have then all listed!

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    Having lived in Nerja for over 16 years and managed many properties over that period. I feel confident that I can find the right holiday rentals Nerja for you.

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    As part of the reservations team and many years experience within the industry my knowledge of Nerja is second to none. I look forward to assisting you in your search for that ideal holiday accommodation that suits your needs.

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Tempted to visit Nerja? Here are just a few piccies..

  • Nerja


    At the western entrance into town on the N340 you will see this iconic structure. Photographed many a time, if you want to prove to friends where you have been its a most to grab a few piccies hugging the letters!

  • Torrecilla beach looking back to the Balcon

    Views from Torrecilla towards the Balcon de Europa

    Playa Torrecilla is at the western edge of the Balcon de Europa and very popular. There are a number of beach side restaurants and amenities that flank the beach. Close by is Plaza Congrejo which has many great restaurants to suit all tastes. Parking is limited other than what is available in the nearby streets of the town. On the nearby Plaza there are some children's play areas plus a nice promenade with amazing views back to the Balcon de Europa.

  • Lazy cat on Burriana beach Nerja

    Just another lazy day on Burriana beach for some!

    The most popular and busiest beach in Nerja is Burriana beach or Playa Burriana as it is known locally. The beach which is located on the Eastern edge of the town has a whole host of things to do if you want to relax yourself there for the day. You will find public wc's, beach showers and changing huts in a number of locations along the beach. Parking is problamatic at the best of times and we can honestly say its not great. Unless you get to the beach by 9.30 in the morning trying to park just gets harder and harder, so if you dont need a car its probably best. There are various of car park areas away from the beach but in the peak season particularly at weekends when more locals visit it gets very hard to park.

  • Burriana beach Nerja

    Burriana beach awaits!

    One of the leading attractions in Nerja is of course its beautiful beaches and stunning backdrop of the Sierra Almijara mountain range - Burriana beach will not disappoint.

  • Calahonda Beach

    Calahonda beach

    Located to the left of the Balcon de Europa again a beautiful beach but no bars or restaurants handy although there are plans to built one in the pipeline. Calahonda is surrounded by rocky outcrops and there is no way to get there by cars or bikes so you will have a degree of peace. The nearest parking which is below Plaza Espana just behind the Town Hall which you will find next to the Church on the Balcon de Europa but it is not free.

  • Sunset on Carabeillo beach

    Sunset on Carabeillo beach

    Carabeillo beach is at the far west end of Burriana beach this is a very nice beach which you can get to from the Carabeo area via steps. There are no bars here or wc's here but you can stroll further down the beach towards Burriana where there are plenty of other options.

  • The anchor of Nerja

    The anchor of Nerja

    Dotted around Nerja you will find references to the cult TV series that brought notoriety to the town. The early 80's series called Verano Azul was a day to day story of a group of kids getting up to mischief similar to the Famous 5 and if you get the chance to see it you will see lots of Nerja back in the past of course.

  • Eagle aquaduct

    The Eagle Aquaduct

    Built around 1912 this iconic structure which used to supply water to the San Joaquin Sugar mill can be spotted on you way to the caves at Maro. Get your camera ready as its quite a spectacle.

  • Oasis aquaduct

    The Oasis Aquaduct

    Just on the outskirts of town lies Oasis de Capistrano. Here you will find the stunning arches and aquaduct carry water to the lush farmlands beyond. Hard to image you are on the Costa del Sol when you see such beauty, thats the magic of Nerja!

  • Balcon de Europa

    Balcon de Europa

    Probably the most visited and photographed place in Nerja, The Balcon de Europa. The stunning views across the sea, the mountains and town say it all - our little slice of paradise!

What makes Nerja so special?

Looking down on Calahonda beach in Nerja

Just a little insight...

Nerja is a charming town on the Costa del Sol, in the province of Málaga, Andalusia. It is famous for its stunning beaches, its picturesque old town, and its natural attractions. If you are looking for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday in Spain, Nerja is a great option. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Nerja for your next vacation:

Beautiful Beaches

Nerja has more than 10 miles of coastline, with sandy beaches and clear waters. You can enjoy a variety of activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, water skiing, scuba diving, and sailing. Some of the most popular beaches are:

  • Burriana: The largest and most lively beach in Nerja, with many bars, restaurants, and shops nearby.
  • Torrecilla: A family-friendly beach with calm waters and a promenade.
  • Maro: A secluded beach with crystal-clear water and spectacular cliffs.
  • Calahonda: A small beach next to the Balcony of Europe, with a fishing village atmosphere.

Charming Old Town

Nerja has a rich history and culture, dating back to the prehistoric times. You can explore its narrow streets and whitewashed houses, and admire its monuments and churches. Some of the highlights are:

  • Balcony of Europe: A viewpoint that offers panoramic views of the sea and the mountains. It was built on the site of a former castle.
  • Church of El Salvador: A 17th-century church with a mixture of baroque and Moorish styles.
  • Caves of Nerja: A series of caves that contain impressive stalactites, stalagmites, and paintings. They are also home to the world's largest column, measuring 32 meters high.

Natural Attractions

Nerja is surrounded by nature, with mountains and rivers that create stunning landscapes. You can enjoy hiking, biking, horse riding, or kayaking in the area. Some of the places you should not miss are:

  • Sierra de Almijara: A mountain range that forms part of the Natural Park of Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama. It has many trails and viewpoints that offer breathtaking views.
  • River Chillar: A river that flows through a gorge, forming pools and waterfalls. You can walk along its bed and cool off in its waters.
  • Frigiliana: A picturesque village that lies on the slopes of the Sierra de Almijara. It has a Moorish heritage and a colorful architecture.

Apartment and Villa Rentals

One of the best ways to enjoy Nerja is to rent an apartment or a villa. You can find many options for different budgets and preferences. You can benefit from:

  • More space and privacy than a hotel room
  • More comfort and amenities than a hostel or a campsite
  • More flexibility and independence than a package tour
  • More savings and value than other accommodation types

You can search online for apartment and villa rentals in Nerja, or contact a local agency that can help you find your ideal place.

Nerja is a perfect destination for apartment and villa rentals. It has everything you need for a memorable holiday: beautiful beaches, charming old town, natural attractions, and more. Book your rental today and discover Nerja for yourself!

Looking to explore around Nerja?

Here are a few suggestions...

  • Life adventure nerja

    Jeep safari Tours

    Take a safari tour and explore the local area with an guide to discover more about the flora and fauna in thsi wonderful area. Life Adventure on Calle El Barrio for the best experience. You can visit their website here

  • Baviera Golf


    Although there is currently no Golf facilities in Nerja just 20mins away is Baviera Golf. The variety of the holes and the lovely views of both the sea and the sierra that protect it, can only add to enjoy and share a great time. You can visit their website here

  • Frigiliana Village

    The white washed village of Frigiliana

    Located just 6km from Nerja and easily accessible by bus for a couple of euros is the wonderful mountain village of Frigiliana. Steeped in history and equally a lot of steep steps! a visit must be on your bucket list whilst on holiday. Make sure you take your plenty of photos and if you can follow the ceramic wall plaques dotted around town that depict various stages of its history. Well worth picking up a local brochure to guide you around as there are plenty of little hidden gems you wont want to miss out. Buses can be jumped on at the Nerja bus station.

  • Tapas in Nerja

    Tapas trails

    Whats the old saying "when in Rome.." Well in Nerja the thing to do of an evening is undoubtedly go out for Tapas. Tapas is the custom of eating small and varied portions of delicious local dishes, along with an aperitif in restaurants and bars. Tapas are usually served free of charge with an alcoholic drink like a beer or a glass of wine. In some places it will be the waiter that chooses the tapas and serves it to you with your drinks. Bit in some bars you can choose the tapas you want from a list or the glass cooler on the bar counter

  • Cuevas de Nerja

    Cuevas de Nerja

    Just 3km from the town The Caves of Nerja are a series of caverns very close to the town of Maro. Reaching out for almost 5km although not all open to the public, the caverns are one of Spain's major tourist attractions. Concerts are regularly held in one of the chambers and sometimes in the grounds, which forms a natural amphitheater. They are truly amazing and even feature in the Guinness book of records as having the largest central column ever discovered. You can walk to the caves no problem but if you prefer there is a local caves train that runs regularly from town. Look out for the red road train and catch it from behind Plaza Espana.

  • Life adventure buggies


    With a buggy you will be through the most beautiful and remote mountains of Nerja. You will be off-road with the best guides of the area! The buggies are fully automatic, powerful and the safest in their ranking and great fun to drive! You will need a valid driving license, have 5 years of driving experience and to love fun!. You can book a trip with Life Adventure website here

Hopefully you have seen enough to convince you and now can explore our apartment rentals in Nerja!